Non-Compete Agreement Volunteer

Can I be sued if I take clients from a former employer? I recently quit my job, which was in the accounting field. An agreement without competition was never signed between me and my employer. I started my own business. My former employer… applies to Utah 0 Answers Can I work for a competitor in CA if my Co. Is there FL? I signed a non-competition for a company based in FL. I work in distribution in VA sales to VA customers. Now I want to work for its competitor (a German company) by selling in California to California… applies for California 1 response forced to sign after the start of not competitive employment… When my husband interviewed a consulting firm, he explicitly asked if there was a non-competition agreement.

He was told that was not the case. The first day in the company should be orien… applies for Illinois 1 non-compete response as part of the termination agreement/severance severance severance award I was a vice president in a small business and was recently terminated by my position (not for reasons… As part of a corporate restructuring). The company pays me a severance pay, but for t… applies to Texas 2 Non-compete Clause Responses as part of the Reversance Package My husband received a compensation package containing a non-compete clause. He is in the radio commercial, and the clause stipulates that the severance pay will be revoked if he accepts a job in all forms of Advertisi… applies to the Illinois 1 Non-Compete Agreement Response without signature My employer foreman claims that I signed a non-compete agreement, but I am 100% sure that I did not. Is there a remedy that my former employer can make without a signed copy of the non-compete agreement… applies to New York 1 reply I worked for a large insurance company and signed a non-contest on my first day. Two years later, I lost my position because of downsizing.

Is my non-competition still valid, since I have not decided to lose a job? I wondered if my former employer could enforce my non-competition bans if my position was eliminated and I argued because of downsizing. applies to Ohio 1 response I would like to know if my non-compete commitment is valid, I work as a contractor and signed a non-contest when I started.