Mcafee Corporate End User License Agreement

If you are not entitled to monthly subscribers, individual users who cancel their monthly subscription will no longer be charged the following month of their subscription. If you comply with these conditions, McAfee grants you a non-exclusive and limited license to access McAfee websites as a current or potential customer, supplier or business partner of McAfee or for non-commercial purposes. You cannot use McAfee websites for other purposes. We protect all rights that are not expressly granted here. “If the security of DRM software is compromised, secure Content (Secure Content Owners) owners may require Microsoft to revoke the right to copy, view and/or read secure content. Revocation does not alter the ability of DRM software to reproduce unprotected content. A list of blocked DRM software is sent to your computer when you download a secure content license from the Internet. So you agree that Microsoft can also download blocking lists on behalf of Secure Content Owners on your computer in combination with such a license.¬†Software License: For the software required to operate or access the service, McAfee grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal and revocable license under copyright to download, install and operate the software, associated documentation and all updates, upgrades and repairs on your personal mobile device for the service you purchased. This license only applies to the number of software installations authorized by the service you purchased. If the software automatically performs updates, upgrades or repairs, you agree not to disrupt or prevent such activities. This communication applies to all users of our services worldwide.

Some users, including residents of the European Economic Area, may have additional rights depending on where they are located and described in this notice. Services are not transferable. Without our written permission, you cannot sell, rent, rent, lend, resell or transfer services in advance without our written permission. They must not allow them to benefit from the use or functionality of the Services through timeshare use, a service office or other agreement on behalf of another third party, or with respect to hardware or software that is not their personal responsibility. This Agreement applies to all other Services, whether mentioned or not in the table above, if there are no other applicable terms of use. Limited warranty. For 30 days after the purchase date (“guarantee period”), only for paid versions of the software, we guarantee that the software licensed under this agreement (including updates, made available during the warranty period, but not for updates made available outside the warranty period) essentially according to the documentation we provided under this software at the time of purchase, and that any hardware (for example). B a CD-ROM, but without devices manufactured by other companies) on which the Software is included and made available to you, is free of any hardware and processing errors.

We do not guarantee or guarantee that a particular mobile device or computer is compatible with or works with the software or service, and we assume no responsibility for the operation of your personal devices used to access the software or service. Your only recourse and all the responsibility of our suppliers and suppliers in the event of non-compliance with this limited guarantee will be to reimburse, at our choice, the price you paid for the license, to replace the defective support that contains the software, to re-perform the service or to offer another remedy, as requested by local consumer law in your jurisdiction.