Inheritance Sharing Agreement

If the succession agreement has been concluded in accordance with the registration procedure, you must reapply with the national registration authority and re-register the property in accordance with the agreement. The heirs receive updated excerpts from the USRN for the property. The Quran introduced a number of different rights and restrictions on inheritance, including general improvements in the treatment of women and family life compared to the pre-Islamic societies that existed in the Arabian Peninsula at the time. [6] In addition, the Quran introduced other heirs who were not entitled to inheritance in pre-Islamic times and mentioned nine parents, six of whom were women and three men. However, women`s inheritance rights have remained lower than those of men, because in Islam, someone still has a responsibility to take care of a woman`s expenses. According to the Quran, for example, a son is entitled to twice as much inheritance as a daughter. [Coran 4:11] [7] The Quran also presented efforts to fix inheritance laws and thus form a comprehensive legal system. This development was the opposite of pre-Islamic societies, where successive rules were very different. [6] In addition to the aforementioned amendments, the Quran imposed limitations on the will powers of a Muslim in the transfer of his property. The Quran contains only three verses that contain specific details about inheritance and actions, in addition to a few other verses dealing with will statements.

[Coran 4:11,12,176] [8] But this information was used as a starting point by Muslim jurists who explained the laws of inheritance even further with the hadiths, as well as methods of legal argument like Qiyas. Today, inheritance is considered an integral part of Sharia law, and its application is mandatory for Muslims, although many peoples (see historical inheritance systems) have other hereditary customs, even though they are Muslims. 4. The costs of reaching the agreement are shared equally by the parties. The new Civil Code introduced a number of changes in the area of estates on 1 January 2014. As a general rule, the heredation is distributed according to the size of the shares. This means that every heir has the right to demand the allocation of a sum of money or an amount equal to his share of the common good. Except in certain legal orders where a person cannot legally be disinherited (such as the State of Louisiana, which allows heredity only in specifically listed circumstances), a person who is an heir under state law may be entirely hereditary according to a will (an example is the will of comedian Jerry Lewis; his will has explicitly inherited his six children from his first wife.

, and their descendants, who left the entire estate to his second wife).