Chief Investigator Agreement

If PI wishes to receive the grant/contract with the new entity, IP must obtain and document the written authorization of its department head and dean in order for the project to be officially abandoned. If the department head and the dean accept the transfer, PI OGCA must submit a note confirming the transfer agreement and other documents necessary to obtain an appropriate sponsorship permit. According to British clinical trials Regulations 2 (1), the head of the investigator means “the examiner of this site with regard to a clinical trial conducted on a single experimental site.” When a clinical trial is conducted in a number of experimental sites, the chief investigator is the “certified physician” (a physician, dentist, nurse or pharmacist), whether or not he is an examiner in a given location who assumes primary responsibility for conducting the study. As the chief investigator, you are also responsible and you must ensure that you have the experience and expertise to design, implement and report standards in accordance with the Research Governance Framework (2nd Edition). For non-commercial trials conducted in England, the HRA statement of activities can be used as an agreement between the sponsor and a participating website and can be found on the HRA website. A person responsible for conducting the research on a research site. There should be an IP for each research centre. In the case of an individual study, the chief investigator and pi are usually the same person. The content of contracts and agreements should include: a letter of intent is required for each funded grant or contract proposal comprising one or more co-PIs. The agreement must be signed by each IP and Co-PI, as well as by their associate division head and dean, giving everyone the agreement on the responsibilities and conditions set out in the agreement. The agreement may accompany the REIT. However, the OGCA will not allow accounts for a grant or a funded contract until the agreement has been filed. OGCA will provide a standard MOU for IP and co-PC.

If IP and Co-PIs wish to submit their own agreements, these agreements must clarify the mutual agreements reached between the signatories on the following issues: contracts and agreements should be in place before the start of a trial and subject to periodic review to ensure that they remain up-to-date and relevant.