What Word Means To Break An Agreement

Whew — it was a lot of definitions and expressions, and it`s time for me to take a break. I also suggest you take a break — get some water, drink coffee — and come back and try the exercise to see what you have learned today. Goodbye, first! Let`s say that in my job, I usually work with 10 clients a month, and now my boss wants me to take 20 clients a month. I could complain to my husband: “It doubles my workload. Gimme a break! “to say, “This is ridiculous!” When we talk about the context of current events, the break can mean revealing something to the public. “The scandal is broken” means that the scandal has been made public. Suppose there is an actress who has only had small roles for many years, but she has a big break when she has the lead role in a big movie. This is a great sudden opportunity, and it means that she will continue to succeed thereafter. When your friend asks, “Hey, can you break a 20?” – he talks about money and asks if you have smaller tickets (like 5 or 10 dollars) to exchange for his $20 bill. Maybe he wants to buy a $2 item from a distributor, and he doesn`t want to put a $20 bill in it, so he asks if you have smaller bills to break his $20 bill. If something breaks your resolve, it means it weakens or destroys your decision or determination to do something. Suppose I really want to be a doctor, but then I read an article about how doctors are always really stressed, which could break my resolve (destroy my determination to become a doctor).

Another example is the breakdown of power – sometimes governments legislate to break the power of big business, which means weakening or destroying the power of these companies. If the speed limit is 35 mph and you drive with 50 mph, you are breaking the law. If you promised your friend that you would help him move into a new apartment, but you didn`t, you broke your promise because you didn`t do what you promised. In football, touch the ball with your hands, break the rules of the sport (unless you are the goalkeeper). If you exceed the speed limit, break the law We focus on phrasing verbs with the word break. I have already mentioned the importance of separation to end a romantic relationship, and now we will learn more. Break can also be used to signify running or escaping. To free himself from something is to escape him, to free himself from it. For example, after many years of consultation, my uncle finally came out of his gambling addiction. The basic and most common definition is to damage something and separate it into pieces.

Yesterday I washed the dishes and accidentally fell a glass and it broke. If you break your arm or break your leg, it means that the bone has broken into pieces – ouch! Another expression is to break your thinking — it is used when you think deeply about a subject and focus intensely on it, but something happens to distract you. If I focus on developing a new lesson, but my phone rings, it would break my thoughts, and if I answered the call, I might have a hard time getting back to what I thought. We also use the break to say “stop for a short time” – for example, in the middle of a full-day meeting, the boss might say, “Pause for lunch” – stop the meeting for lunch. We also use the pause, when something no longer works, ceases to be functional, even if it is not physically partly. If you continue to display an error message on your printer and it is not printed, you can say that the printer is defective. We use the verb phrasal rash when a bad skin problem suddenly appears – your face could trigger a rash (red skin, irritated) or pimples (small bumps from clogged pores).