What Is A Utility Service Agreement

Agreements When a utility can demonstrate prior rights of way or compensable interest in its facilities, the design-build team coordinates the cost of moving un improved services with the distribution company and develops the utility contract. For each relocation, the Authority and the Facility Owner enter into a project-specific procurement contract, which defines, among other things, the volume of work, the schedule, the distribution of costs, the allocation of costs, billing, payment, documentation, document retention, accounting and coordination with regard to the work of ease. The specific procedures to be followed when carrying out the work of the facility, as well as the costs and cost allocation for the different parts of the work of the Facility are detailed in a public service contract for this work. All work considered improvements is agreed in advance by the contracting parties and indicated in a procurement contract, along with the costs and the allocation of responsibility for these costs to the owner of the facility. The developer is responsible for negotiating, preparing and implementing supply adaptation agreements to implement procurement adjustments in accordance with project documents and any relevant master utility agreements.