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13 Article 23: NATIONAL COMONS ON THE FACILITATION COMMERCEEvery member establishes a national trade facilitation committee to facilitate national coordination and implementation of the provisions of the TFA. Participants representing nine European, Central Asian and Caucasus states received a detailed overview of the basic provisions of the WTO trade facilitation agreement and wto member states` trade facilitation obligations. Kenza Le Mentec, representative of the World Trade Organization, said that the WTO was proposing, in addition to the trade facilitation agreement, other agreements directly related to trade procedures and their simplification. These include the agreement on the application of health and plant health measures and the agreement on technical barriers to trade. Concerns from plant and veterinary services that the trade facilitation agreement could pose a threat to food security are inappropriate, she said, and the agreement is rather an opportunity to strengthen this type of security, which does not pose a threat to the agreement. The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement aims to minimize documentation and formality requirements, retaining only the aspects that are really needed to regulate trade. It provides for a regular review of existing formalities and requirements to reduce and simplify them. The aim is to speed up the process of handling and releasing goods (especially perishable products) and to immediately remove requirements when they are not made public. At the same time, the interests of society must be protected, Apostolov said.

Nevertheless, most participants found that lack of coordination between national agencies and with external trading partners, weak infrastructure and a lack of trade facilitation experts were slowing down implementation in countries in the region. Iryna Kobuta, FAO`s commodity and trade economist, welcomed participants to the agro-logistics exhibition on behalf of FAO. 12 Special and differentiated treatment for developing and least developed countries Meeting 1: WTO Trade Facilitation Negotiations Special and Differentiated Treatment for Developing Countries and LDCs Implementation of a Capacity Agreement. For developing countries: implementation related to implementation capacity Members decide when they can implement any trade facilitation measures Members, technical assistance must meet the notification needs to assess the benefits the evaluation will be the need to determine and prepare for notification and implementation of the commitments completed – Trade facilitation is not a luxury, it is mandatory – Customs must be even more effective. As a result, optimized and effective systems are essential if the opportunities for unfettered global trade are to be fully exploited in an increasingly hostile environment, allowing for a good balance between effective controls and trade facilitation. 8 session 1: WTO Trade Trade Facilitation NegotiationsTF Measures Transparency and Appeals Publication/internet publication Enquiry Information Opportunity to how Consultations Advance rulings Right of appeal Transit Restrictions on fees and use of guarantee Import/Export/Transit Fees – Formalities Disciplines on fees Pre-arrival processing Risk management clearance Post clearance publish average release times Authorized Border agency cooperation formalities and documents Separate clearance harmonization, standardization and modernization of the trade process The aim is to reduce transaction costs and the complexity of international trade and to improve a country`s business environment, at the same time government controls are improved.