Maine Collective Bargaining Agreements

Please make a selection of available contracts. These contracts are available in MS Word format. Database of eligible user contracts: local presidents, chief negotiators of the local association, MEA board of directors, member of the MEA Statewide Bargaining Committee, MEA Staff and MEA RA Delegates. If you are a legitimate user and would like to register to access the database, please visit our contract database and click “Register as a new user.” (NOTE: these contracts are still outstanding)) Through MEA`s in-depth studies, the association is able to provide members with a comprehensive and up-to-date salary database, a health insurance cost analysis database and a contract database, so that you can understand how your wage and insurance costs accumulate relative to others in the region. This information is invaluable because your local association and your MEA representative or director of Uniserv (UD) are working to negotiate the best possible contractual language and to engage you. Administrative Operations, Maintenance – Professional Support – Technical Supervisory – Access to the contract database requires personalized registration, verification of authorization and use of a password. These databases are another advantage of proof of membership issues again!.