Apex Physio Agreement

Luke Coxon, a lawyer for APEX, said the union was “extremely disappointed” that its Waikato Physio members had not yet received a written offer since April of this year. More than 50 Waikato physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants went on strike this morning due to the interruption of wage negotiations between their apeX union and DHB. In the case of Waikato physiotherapists, they have not received a written salary offer since their collective agreement expired in April. Chief physiotherapist Nikki Laker says the impending strike will be the first in 21 years at the Waikato District Health Board. About 50 Waikato physiotherapists are on strike on their pay bags, while PSA physiotherapists and other associated health workers have now ratified their new salary agreement. APEX has 58 physiotherapists at Waikato DHB, most working on the Waikato Hospital campus. Physiotherapists plan to strike for 24 hours from Monday, November 19, unless an agreement is reached by then. Allied health PSA members – including physiotherapists – have voted to ratify a new collective agreement, and allied health members in the other 17 DHB are expected to vote in the same way, with formal ratification expected this week. Meanwhile, the Public Services Association (PSA) is expected to announce this week that around 9,000 allied health professionals – including physiotherapists – in the 20 DHB have voted to ratify a previously based agreement for the NZNO nurses` scheme. There are physios in every station at Waikato Hospital, she says, and they do things like help patients get up and move after an operation, rehabilitate people after a stroke, help people breathe and treat outpatients with complex muscle pain and stress. READ MORE: Wintec at the opening of the physiotherapy school – Secondary school teachers reject the state`s “inadequate” wage offer – The government is responsible for inciting strikes – Therapy helps small tiaras become independent The following links are just a few examples of Auckland`s DHB policy, which we would ask all our employees to comply with. Our policy is in line with our values and vision and ensures that our employees maintain our shared values as welcome, respect, together and high. PSA Mental Health – Public Health Nursing November 27, 2017 to December 14, 2020 .

ETU E Tu Union (former Service – Food Workers Union, SFWU) Teachers may have a larger class or more technology to process, he said, or a radiograph can do more mammograms. MERAS Midwifery Representation and Consulting Services NZNO Multi-employer Care and Midwifery Agreement – 04/06/2018 to 31/07/2020 Physiotherapists in Waikato are the latest workers to report strike action following a wave of labour disputes across the country. “The more cynical and superficial perspective is that we have had a change of government and all these organized workers are trying or trying to use negotiation.