Dynamic Window Pro MK3

Dynamic Window Pro MK3
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Note, please read this note before you buy:

Due to many people attempting to get around paying the very reasonable cost of this item, we are now limiting it to only one download within the first 24hrs.  This shouldn’t be a problem to any genuine reasonable people out there and will just make it a bit more difficult for the “not so genuine” people to do their thing.

MK3 Update

Along with the MK2 upgrade of being able to control the external stone sill, we have now upgraded to being able to add Sliding Sash Horns (or tails).  These really add to the detail of a sliding sash but won’t add you any extra time.

Dynamic Window MK3       Dynamic Window MK3 brick


march 2015

This is my improved Window making Dynamic Component for Sketchup, available exclusively here for a very small £0.29. You will recoup this the first time you use it!

All other window makers we found were either too expensive, not suitable for UK styles, not detailed enough or had high file sizes.

It is based on a PVC frame used in the UK.

Frame and stone sill are grouped and have default materials so you colour with your own materials with one click.


Dynamic Window MK2

Dynamic Functions Include:



Frame Colour

Glass Colour

Number and Position of Mullions

Number and Position of Transoms

Inside Sill Size

Outside Sill Size

Sash sizing with frame size, Mullion and Transom positions

Pro version Also now includes:

Stone Sill: which includes

Side over shoot

Reach (distance it protrudes from plastic sill)


More updates will be added soon.

Instructions included on Dynamic Panel, and see our YouTube Channel for best use practises.